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Musicians are now struggling to survive due to COVID19.
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Personal Statement from Sarah

I was hit really badly during Covid19, I lost my entire livelihood overnight. Nothing remained the same. I walked out of the gym on the 18th March and 9 months later, still nothing has returned. Stuck in a continuous feeling of Lockdown with hobbies, work, music, everything I did and enjoyed, gone. Musicians always struggled to make money from music with a world where so much content is now given away for free. We relied heavily on live music and events. With this gone there is no way for our industry to survive. Even Will I Am was heard to make a similar statement recently. The reality is in order to keep making music we need financial support to keep our art alive for people to enjoy. Like many musicians I received no financial support and was turned away from every avenue of funding from Covid19. Then came the sickening blow, when we were told by the government that we were ‘no longer viable’ and should go and ‘retrain’. Imagine a world with no music, the government clearly underestimates just how much we need music in our lives and what a big part it plays in our day to day life.

I have trained my entire life to be a musician, from the age of 8 years old I started learning to play music. I practised every day for my entire life to get to music college and have worked hard ever since to build my career as a musician. This year has been so hard for everyone and the impact on the arts has been catastrophic. The sad thing about this as we face 2021 is we may actually need to go and retrain in order to be able to survive.

I enjoy creating music for you all so much and being able to connect on Instagram has been lovely. Creating this costs a lot of money and there are a stream of creatives that rely on revenue to help me create this for you. If you enjoy the content, music and videos I produce for you to enjoy and would like to donate please see the link below. I am so humbled by everyone who has supported me so far. This fund will be used to allow me to continue creating music, videos and content for you to enjoy. Your support means the world to me and I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped me no matter how big or small. You can buy my music on Amazon if you would prefer to support us in this way (links in footer of website).

Interesting Facts of the Music Industry

To film a music video takes 5 days

Some of the costs involved 

Venue hire to film a music video in London from £3,000 a day

Hire Videographer £250 – 500 per person per day

Lighting hire £500 upwards

Professional photographers from £1,500

To professionally record one song takes one week full time,

Make Up Artist £350

Styling / clothing £200 upwards

Interesting Facts of the Music Industry

To record ONE song professionally can take 5 days or more.

Some of the costs involved 

Rehearsal time £50 per hour for rehearsal studios

Recording studio costs start from £60 an hour

Sound Engineers £250 a day

Record Producer from £500 a day

Musician Fees from £50 an hour


Now this is the biggest minefield of it all…!

Once all of this has been created we then have to promote it, the budgets required for this are huge. I would love a marketing team to get involved with my brand if anyone would like to collaborate on a results based basis please do contact

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