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Personal Trainer London | Swindon – 1 2 1 Fitness Training & Lifestyle Coach

Due to lockdowns and the ever changing landscape of Covid-19, I now work as a personal trainer and fitness coach in both London and Swindon. These personal training sessions can take place over a variety of places, including remote personal training over zoom, or personal training outdoors in parks or public places, Whatever works for you! I love seeing my personal training clients achieve their goals, inspiring and motivating people with fitness. As your personal trainer and personal fitness coach I will tailor your workout programme to you and your goals.

With every new personal training client we begin with a free 30 minute consultation, talking about your fitness goals. I will ask you to complete a health questionnaire and we will book in your first personal training session. This will enable me to analyse your current fitness levels, asses your goals and write you a bespoke training programme to enable you to stay on track.

In our first personal training / fitness session will asses your current fitness ability, looking at the types of exercise you would like to do allowing me to tailor a programme to suit you. I will asses your technique and insure you can execute movements and exercises correctly in order to prevent injury.

Diet is a big part of every fitness programme, we will look at your diet and encourage a healthy eating plan in order to help you achieve your goals. Everyone is different and everyone’s body responds in different ways, I will constantly look at your goals and progress and adapt your programme to ensure we stay on track.

I take great pride in helping my clients achieve their fitness goals, creating bespoke personalised training plans and improving your mindset for a healthier lifestyle. My experience and training comes from learning with elite athletes in London and the UK. Through my years of training I have curated and taught fitness programmes for group fitness training, small group training and 1 2 1 personal training. My specialism is in core and strength training, cardio, fitness management and weight loss goals.

The key to success is consistency and regular training, to achieve your goals I recommend training with me a minimum of three times a week where funds allow.

Resistance Bands – Fitness Workout Equipment

If you would like to buy some fitness equipment to accompany your training either online, following my fitness workout videos or for our 1 – 2 – 1 fitness coaching sessions, these are my recommendations.

Personalised fitness merchandise coming soon.


Take the first step to achieving your fitness goals now

Contact me below and sign up for your first personal training session. Drop me an email with your fitness goals, location and preferred training times and days. I will aim to get back to you with in 24 hours.



Three Two Run Workout, gives you ideas to incorporate in to your outdoor workout. 

Find a location you can run to which is approximately 20 minutes away from your home or office. You want an area with a bench or area with something you can jump up on to.

It is always preferable for the surroundings to be nice so you can get some headspace and clear your mind.

When I am training outside I like to run to a location that is approximately 20 minutes away. This gives me a nice warm up and ensures I get some cardio in on my return home for optimum fat burning.

It is always hard to motivate yourself to go outdoors and exercise but if you change the pshycology of it and tell yourself you are going to run to your location, all you have to do is three exercises and then you get to come home. It really makes it all feel much more manageable.

I enjoy putting some music on to reflect my mood.. top tip, it is good spending time the night before creating a playlist that you would like to exercise to so you can just get up and go in the morning. Something up tempo gives you a nice tempo to run to. I enjoy film music to run to as I feel like I am a super hero!

3, 2, Run

Three Two Run workout was developed and conceptualised in September 2020 as a result of the Covid19 Pandemic. Inspired by everyone being unable to do anything but go outside and exercise I wanted to inspire a nation to make their workout’s more fun and empower people to feel more informed to exercise and help them achieve their fitness goals. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the kindness of video editors and videographers. These people gave up their time to film me to help me achieve this, getting behind the project and becoming as passionate about this idea as me.

The concept of the fitness programme is to showcase THREE exercises that you do THREE times! Making working out feel more manageable. What I need you to do is take a run or a walk to your favourite location, choose three exercises from my workout programme and smash it out! Our videos do not stop at just the workout. It is my aim to showcase beautiful areas in London and the UK, that have become some of my favourite locations to workout. In working with such talented videographers we have also tried to showcase their skills bringing cinematic videography to make your workout as fun as possible. Where we have been able to perform the workout to music we showcase new up and coming artists so you can discover new music at the same time. Where we were unable to use music to workout we have provided this as an underlay to the workout and have included links to all artists in the description of the videos.

We want you to become part of our journey, sharing your results and favourite locations with us on our youtube channel and instagram so please do get involved! We are providing this all to you completely free of charge and rely on youtube subscriptions, people sharing our videos, word of mouth and donations in order to keep providing these workouts for you. So please do like, share and donate where you can.

3, 2, RUN
Three Workouts Three Times.

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Fun workouts to help you tone and lose weight.
The Three Two Run workout is designed to keep things manageable, perfect for those who find it difficult finding time to exercise. The aim is to educate and empower you to learn to exercise in a way that works for you and your body.

Workouts Designed For You

Choose the workout that YOU like! Experiment with the workouts to find out what works for YOU. Select the workout you would like to try, run or walk to your favourite location and complete your THREE exercises THREE times. Run or walk home and do not forget to stretch.

Try Sarah’s two week Fitness challenge!

Exercise every day choosing your favourite workouts below.
Workout in combination with a controlled diet, for optimum results try working out before breakfast.
Do not forget to take your before and after photos and share your results below.

What Clients Are Saying

This lady knows how to work you to get results! I’ve never seen such quick improvement before – Sarah really pushes you to do more than you ever thought you could. It’s hard but very rewarding and she makes it fun along the way! 

Ellie, Classes and 1 2 1 Fitness Training

Wow, Sarah’s motivation is infectious. She got me hooked and so did the abs that she helped me develop. Not for the faint hearted, but that’s what you want in a personal trainer.

Sam, Classes and 1 2 1 Training

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